At CSSM Consulting we aim to assist businesses in the hospitality industry such as restaurants and cafés to increase revenue instantly, growth in customers and waiter retention. 

Great business is created by a team of great people. Extraordinary business is created by a team of people with unique or extraordinary skills.


Our focus 

  • Identifying business shortcomings

  • Identifying waiters' strengths and weaknesses

  • Interactive hands-on waiter sales training

  • One-on-one waiter sales training

  • Empowering waiters with proven success selling skills

  • Converting “order takers” into “order getters”

  • Increasing customer base

  • Increasing sales

  • Turning dining into an experience 

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My menu selling


My waiters selling

Strong point of sales

Customer interaction  

Guide customers

Create customer relationships 

Turn dining into an experience 

Influence customer decisions

Ability to persuade customers

Identify selling opportunities 



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Guaranteed business growth 

  • Instant increase in sales 

  • Customer base growth

  • Brand recognition 

  • Greater waiter retention  

  • Before and after training audit/sales report