At CSSM Consulting we aim to assist businesses in the hospitality industry such as restaurants and cafés to increase revenue instantly, customer growth and waiter retention.

Our main focus is on empowering waiters with a powerful set of selling skills delivered through a uniquely designed training program called “Art of Persuasion”.

Key elements of "Art of Persuasion" are in-depth industry knowledge and proven success in real life scenarios, combined with psychology and the ability to customise the program according to individual client requirements. 



  • Focus on interior design, food quality and friendly service

  • Rely on generating daily revenue by using the menu as a single point of sales

  • Allow waiters with basic skills, limited product knowledge and training to be the first point of contact with the most precious commodity of the business; the customers; the source of revenue.

  • Don't explore the real potential of their waiters and therefore are unable to generate maximum revenue.


  • Lack on communication about products, specials or specialties on offer

  • Are unable to identify sales opportunities

  • Are unable to sell due to lack of selling skills  

Are your waiters order takers or order getters; business generators? 


Selling is a skill we all use consciously or sub-consciously every day. 

When we go to a job interview, we sub-consciously sell ourselves by using tools such as a look, body posture, mannerisms and skills, to the potential employer.

If we want to convince our friends or colleagues to go with our ideas, we are sub-consciously selling the ideas to them.

When we dress to impress, we sub-consciously aim to sell our image or status, just as product packaging is designed to attract potential customers.  

CSSM Consulting converts this ability into a powerful skill with life long benefits