CSSM Training - Art of Persuasion 

Week 1

Module 1

2 hours

Selling opportunities come and go, however you will not see them if you are not looking for them. 

  • Order taker or order getter; business generator

  • Understanding who my customers are

  • Understanding the power of observation, listening and interacting

  • Understanding the process of learning and developing

  • Understanding customers’ personalities

  • Identifying my “Safe individual” customer

  • Choosing my sales strategy

  • How to increase my beverage sales 

Week 2

Module 2

2 hours

Building relationships with your customers will allow you to influence their emotions. Emotions are what makes your customers buy.

  • Understanding the power of influence on customers’ emotions

  • How to connect with my customers

  • How to build a relationship with my customers

  • Dealing with difficult customers

  • Shifting the balance of power  

  • Understanding the power of tonality

  • Understanding the hidden meaning of words

  • How to create my sales script

Week 3

Module 3

2 hours

Selling is not about the information, it is about how the information makes you feel.

  • Understanding the value of waiters

  • My product knowledge preparation

  • How to build customers’ trust

  • Understanding the value of food and wine pairing

  • The sales process step by step

  • Selling wines

  • Selling starters, main courses and desserts

  • Understanding the process of up-selling, cross-selling and unique selling points (USP)

  • Understanding what motivates customers

  • General tips

Week 4

Module 4

2 hours

Art of Persuasion

  • One on one training

  • Capped number of trainees per session